2022 Projects

2022 Projects

In the year 2022, Gulf Turbine Services (GTS) experienced a year of considerable growth, achievement, and industry recognition, expanding our operations across 12 states in the United States. With the successful completion of numerous projects nationwide, GTS further demonstrated its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our list of successfully executed projects is extensive, including the GRDA restoration, Warren County GT/GTG & ST/STG Majors & Pilot Premix Upgrade, H2 Blending at McDonough, and many more. These projects spanned from major inspections to special project upgrades.

Our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction allowed us to expand our reach, adding renowned organizations such as NRG Energy, Dominion Energy, GRDA, MD&A, Livent, Capital Power, and AECI to our client list. Many of our reviews highlighted our work ethic, quality, and self-directedness, further emphasizing our core principle of providing the best customer service in the industry.

2022 was also an exciting year for GTS's growth as a company. We expanded our physical presence with a new office located at 2376 Lakeside Dr, Birmingham AL 35244. Additionally, we invested in new work trucks and introduced a variety of merchandise to share with our customers.

We were also proud to launch a new Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) division, as well as providing holewatch and firewatch services. This new division played a significant role in significant projects at John Wayne Leonard, Greensville, and Brunswick, reinforcing GTS's ability to meet a wide range of client needs.

The remarkable success we achieved in 2022 is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and commitment of our exceptional team. As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to providing superior quality service, strengthening our presence in the industry, and building enduring relationships with our clients. 


Bessemer City, North Carolina Summer 2022 to current

Gulf Turbine Services took on the significant responsibility of IC&E lead in the commissioning of Livent's most extensive manufacturing facility. This plant specializes in the production of lithium hydroxide, butyllithium, and a variety of specialty organic and inorganic products. 

Our vast range of duties included a comprehensive suite of tasks, from the installation of positioners, servos, limit switches, solenoids, and piping, to a broader responsibility of ensuring smooth operation through 24-hour maintenance support for the BCX plant. We've been instrumental in providing both electrical and mechanical assistance, effectively serving as the 'go-to' troubleshooters for all plant operations. Our involvement has ensured continuous, reliable production, upholding the quality and safety standards Livent is renowned for. 

Possum Point Power Station

Dumfries, Virginia Fall 2022 Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A) Dominion Energy

Gulf Turbine Services was selected as the IC&E lead for a major inspection on a GE D11 steam turbine at the Possum Point Power Station. Our responsibilities included providing critical electrical support for temporary power and a thorough inspection of various instruments such as thermocouples, valves, vibration systems, etc. 

The inspection, carried out from September 9 to December 3, 2022, was meticulously documented with comprehensive reports, figures, and photographs. Our team performed extensive inspections on 89 devices divided into 14 distinct systems. Significant tasks undertaken included wire removal, inspection, and repair following Lift-Land procedures, probe inspections for main and auxiliary systems, a full examination of all thermocouples, and a detailed assessment of labeling and drawing consistency. This thorough and systematic approach has significantly boosted the operational efficiency and reliability of the turbine. 

Warren County Power Station

Front Royal, Virginia Spring 2022 Mitsubishi Power • Dominion Energy

At the Warren County Power Station, Gulf Turbine Services once again demonstrated its industry-leading expertise and commitment to sustainable energy innovation. Our team successfully completed a multi-faceted project involving a major inspection outage, a research and development initiative, and the application of advanced electrical solutions.

Major Inspection Outage: Acting as the Instrumentation, Control & Electrical (IC&E) lead, our team meticulously conducted a major inspection outage for a Mitsubishi M501GAC gas turbine and a TC4F steam turbine, along with their respective turbine generators. Utilizing our extensive experience and rigorous inspection methodologies, we ensured the robust performance and reliability of these critical systems.

Emissions Reduction R&D Project: As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment and innovation, we spearheaded the electrical component of a groundbreaking R&D project aimed at reducing emissions. Our scope of work involved the installation, calibration, and commissioning of 13 new valves and instruments, complemented by extensive conduit and cable installation, as well as intricate cabinet wiring.

The successful execution of these tasks at the Warren County Power Station underscores Gulf Turbine Services' unmatched expertise and unwavering dedication to achieving superior results. We continue to drive progress in the industry through our relentless commitment to quality and innovative solutions that meet and exceed environmental goals. 

Dell Power Plant

Dell, Arkansas Spring 2022 Associated Electric Cooperative Inc (AECI) • FieldCore • IEM Energy Consultants

Gulf Turbine Services undertook a complex assignment at the Dell Power Plant, demonstrating our proficiency in handling multi-faceted projects and high-capacity machinery. The task included a triple major inspection outage, instrument tubing installation, and a comprehensive calibration audit.

Triple Major Inspection Outage: As the Instrumentation, Control & Electrical (IC&E) lead, our team was entrusted with the responsibility of conducting a major inspection outage for two GE 7F.04 gas turbines, each with a substantial nameplate capacity of 170MW, and one GE D11 steam turbine boasting a nameplate capacity of 240MW. Our meticulous inspection and maintenance procedures ensure the longevity and optimal performance of these robust turbines.

Instrument Tubing Installation: Our expert team proficiently handled the installation of instrument tubing for exhaust pressure transmitters, further enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the plant's operations.

Calibration Audit: To ensure the precision and accuracy of the machinery, we conducted a comprehensive calibration audit. This rigorous review and adjustment process guarantees the turbines' performance aligns with the stringent industry standards.

The Dell Power Plant project is a testament to Gulf Turbine Services' capabilities in managing significant tasks in high-capacity, combined-cycle facilities. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensures we consistently deliver superior outcomes that align with our clients' operational goals.

GTS has also supported Dell Power Plant during peak operational periods, particularly under extreme weather conditions. Our expertise and manpower have been repeatedly called upon during periods of high demand, such as in hot summer months and cold winter spells, where additional support is crucial to maintain uninterrupted and optimum plant operations. 

Brunswick County Power Station

Freeman, Virginia Spring 2022 Mitsubishi Power • Dominion Energy

At Brunswick County Power Station, Gulf Turbine Services (GTS) took the lead in Instrumentation, Control, and Electrical (IC&E) during the borescope inspection of two M501GAC gas turbines.

Our seasoned team adeptly handled all IC&E-related tasks, significantly contributing to the efficient inspection of these high-performing turbines. This involved managing precise instrumentation crucial for the borescope examination, ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of the turbines.

This project underscores GTS's capability to deliver essential IC&E services in challenging and high-stakes environments. It reflects our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of reliability and efficiency in power infrastructure management.

Greensville County Power Station

Emporia, Virginia Spring 2022 Mitsubishi Power • Dominion Energy

At Greensville County Power Station, Gulf Turbine Services (GTS) was the lead for Instrumentation, Control, and Electrical (IC&E) during the inspection of two M501J gas turbines' borescope and combustor elements.

Our team's role was instrumental in enabling the specialized combustor inspection. We efficiently managed the removal and installation of the necessary instrumentation to facilitate this critical mechanical work. Although GTS did not directly conduct the mechanical tasks, our precision and meticulous approach in handling the instruments ensured a seamless inspection process.

This project showcases GTS's commitment to supporting intricate power plant operations with our specialized skills in instrumentation and electrical systems. Our strategic involvement helped ensure the reliability and efficiency of the turbines, emphasizing our role as a trusted partner in maintaining robust energy infrastructure.

Mystic Generating Station

Boston, Massachusetts Spring 2022 Mitsubishi Power • Constellation Energy

At Mystic Generating Station, Gulf Turbine Services provided comprehensive Instrumentation, Control, and Electrical (IC&E) support for a major upgrade of the control cabinet wiring system. The project entailed the transition from the existing Bently Nevada 3500 TMR configuration to a standard (non-TMR) 3500 configuration.

This upgrade incorporated a number of important enhancements to the vibration protection logic designed to prevent unnecessary shutdowns due to faulty sensors while ensuring immediate intervention in the event of actual mechanical damage.

The IC&E support from GTS encompassed a broad spectrum of tasks, including cabinet wiring modifications, instrument point-to-point checks, and function loop checks. A crucial component of this project involved rewiring the plant relay logic to deliver added redundancy. 

The improved design now includes over-ranged sensors in the vibration trip logic. This offers an expedited response under abnormal mechanical conditions and enhances the overall safety of the system. The updated wiring modifies the voting scheme from a single vote trip to a 2-out-of-3 voting system for each bearing in the relay trip logic. This not only enhances the reliability of receiving a correct trip signal when needed, but also reduces the likelihood of a trip being incorrectly triggered due to a single point hardware failure.

Every change was meticulously tested following procedural guidelines, with results being recorded for future reference. Gulf Turbine Services continues to work in line with its dedication to high-quality, safety-oriented modifications that greatly contribute to the operational efficiency and reliability of power generation facilities like the Mystic Generating Station.