Featured Projects

Featured Projects

Our Featured Projects section provides a glimpse into the wide array of services Gulf Turbine Services (GTS) offers, displaying a selection of projects that encapsulate the essence of our expertise, innovation, and dedication. These projects are representative of the complex challenges we regularly undertake, the innovative solutions we employ, and the value we provide to our clients.

By exploring these projects, you'll gain an understanding of our capabilities, adaptability, and the unwavering dedication we bring to every project. We're proud of the work we've done and are eager to apply our skills and expertise to your next project. Our commitment is to provide the best service possible, every time. 

Plant McDonough

Smyrna, Georgia Spring 2022 Mitsubishi Power • Georgia Power

Gulf Turbine Services played a pivotal role in a groundbreaking initiative – the world's largest hydrogen-powered generation test – jointly conducted by Mitsubishi Power and Georgia Power Company. This groundbreaking endeavor, held at Plant McDonough-Atkinson, established the practicality of utilizing a hydrogen-natural gas fuel blend within existing infrastructure as a means of significantly reducing carbon emissions. More on this event can be found in this news article: Mitsubishi Power Completes World’s Largest Hydrogen Fuel Blending at Plant McDonough-Atkinson 

McDonough | Mitsubishi Power (changeinpower.com) 

Our involvement in this project was diverse and multifaceted, encapsulating key areas such as:

Electrical Design: We provided valuable input into the electrical design, advising on optimal and efficient design choices that would uphold the project's high standards of performance.

Schematic Modifications: Our team expertly amended existing schematics to accommodate new, innovative features of the hydrogen-natural gas fuel blend system.

Material Sourcing: Gulf Turbine Services took charge of sourcing the electrical materials needed for the project, leveraging our broad network of suppliers to secure high-quality, reliable components.

Cable Installation: Our experts were responsible for the intricate task of cable pulling, which ensured proper transmission of electrical signals across the system.

Cabinet and Field Wiring: We undertook the complex wiring of both cabinets and field equipment, ensuring a flawless electrical setup conducive to accurate test results.

Grounding Work: We executed essential grounding work to secure the safety of the system and its operators, preventing any potential electrical faults or risks.

Terminations: Our team efficiently managed all electrical terminations, ensuring all connections were properly finished for optimal system functionality.

Function Testing: Prior to deployment, we performed comprehensive function testing to confirm the operational readiness and performance of the system.

Checkout and Commissioning: We ensured a smooth transition to operational status by handling the checkout and commissioning of the system, thereby ensuring its readiness to contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

In conclusion, Gulf Turbine Services' contribution to this monumental hydrogen-power generation test at Plant McDonough-Atkinson exemplifies our commitment to environmental sustainability and our readiness to innovate in the pursuit of cleaner energy solutions.

Grand River Dam Authority

Chouteau, Oklahoma Winter 2021 - 2022 Mitsubishi Power • GRDA • Black & Veatch

A significant project that Gulf Turbine Services embarked on was with the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA), a task that called upon the complete depth and breadth of our skills and resources. This project was particularly challenging due to extensive damages, requiring a complete restoration and refurbishment of the turbine enclosure and a significant part of the Balance of Plant (BOP).

Our team of over 20 dedicated personnel was mobilized, reflecting our ability to scale and adapt to the needs of the project. We effectively became the nerve center of the restoration process, coordinating diverse tasks while ensuring quality and safety standards were upheld at all times.

The scope of the project covered a vast array of components:

Electrical and Instrumentation Restoration: The work encompassed the restoration of over 200 damaged cables, conduit, and instrumentation, including valves, thermocouples, limit switches, solenoids, and lighting. Our experts sourced materials and performed all necessary tasks, such as Swagelok tubing, control cabinet wiring, fire suppression systems, grounding work, and terminations. The restoration was akin to managing a new construction project, enabling us to closely monitor every detail and maintain our rigorous standards.

Complete Rewiring: With the vast extent of the damage, our team was tasked with a complete rewiring of the facility, which involved meticulous planning, execution of routing, and safe, efficient connections.

Enclosure and BOP: We meticulously restored the turbine enclosure and critical parts of the BOP. Our team treated this as if it were a new construction project, allowing us to pay close attention to every detail and ensuring the installation met our exacting standards. 

Control Systems: All control systems, essential for the smooth and safe operation of the plant's machinery, were fully restored. This included the wiring inside control cabinets, the epicenter of machine control and operation.

Testing, Checkout, and Commissioning: We performed thorough function testing, checkout, and commissioning to ensure the reliability and safety of the restored systems.

Despite the immense scope and challenging nature of the project, Gulf Turbine Services completed the work ahead of schedule. This achievement not only showcases our commitment to efficient project management but also our dedication to delivering high-quality services in a timely manner.

This undertaking stands as a testament to Gulf Turbine Services' resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to restoring client operations to their full functionality as swiftly and efficiently as possible, all while upholding the highest standards of quality and safety.

Warren County Power Station

Front Royal, Virginia Fall 2021 Mitsubishi Power • Dominion Energy

At Warren County Power Station, Gulf Turbine Services took a leading role in managing three significant scopes of work, underlining our versatility and ability to handle multiple complex projects simultaneously. Our work involved two Mitsubishi M501GAC gas turbines, presenting unique challenges that were successfully met by our skilled team.

Major Inspection: We led the Instrumentation, Control, & Electrical (IC&E) operations for a comprehensive double major inspection outage. This detailed inspection incorporated two gas turbines, corresponding gas turbine generators, and steam valves. Our focused approach ensured a thorough review and essential maintenance, reinforcing the robust performance of these critical systems.

Emissions Reduction R&D Project: Our commitment to sustainable operation was reflected in our role as the electrical lead for an R&D project aiming at reducing emissions. This involved installing, calibrating, and commissioning 13 new valves and instruments, as well as setting up the required conduit and cable infrastructure. Our team's expertise ensured the smooth execution of this critical environmental initiative.

Significant Cable Restoration: A particularly challenging task was the restoration and replacement of 200 compromised cables, a critical project that demanded swift response and efficient work. Upon recognizing the issue, we quickly mobilized a team of 15 personnel who worked tirelessly around the clock. Their dedication and technical prowess allowed us to carry out over 4,000 new terminations to control and power cables and restore functionality without causing any delay to the plant's start-up. This major accomplishment attests to our team's ability to swiftly respond to unforeseen complications, demonstrating our adaptability, technical skills, and commitment to maintaining project timelines.

Each of these projects showcases Gulf Turbine Services' ability to effectively manage and execute multiple complex tasks in challenging circumstances. Our dedication to providing high-quality, reliable services while maintaining operational efficiency is the cornerstone of our success at the Warren County Power Station.