2023 Projects

2023 Projects

Our 2023 Projects section offers a look into the latest endeavors undertaken by Gulf Turbine Services (GTS). Each project serves as a testament to our ability to adapt, innovate, and excel in an evolving power generation industry.

In 2023, we embarked on a variety of exciting and challenging endeavors. Our services ranged from comprehensive steam turbine maintenance at the Brunswick County Power Station to the meticulous Major Inspection (MI) work at the Plant McDonough and Lordstown Energy Center. Additionally, we carried out vital work at Mustang, Jackson, Citrus, Covert, Greensville, and Livent, reinforcing our commitment to delivering impeccable results regardless of project scale or complexity.

We are proud to announce that this year we were added to the client lists of several prestigious companies, including Toshiba America Energy Systems, Duke Energy, Cargill, Oglethorpe Power Corporation, and Ethos Energy. This recognition serves as a testament to our high quality of service and reliability.

Our work in 2023 spans across diverse power generation facilities, each with its unique demands and specifications. Yet, the common thread binding these projects is our unyielding commitment to quality, attention to detail, and the tailored solutions we bring to each assignment.

We invite you to explore the 2023 Projects section to gain an understanding of our capabilities, our dedication, and the value we provide to our clients across different platforms and geographies. We're confident that our track record in 2023 will demonstrate our ability to bring expertise, commitment, and value to your next project.

Plant McDonough

Smyrna, Georgia Spring 2023 Mitsubishi Power • Georgia Power

Plant McDonough: Gulf Turbine Services (GTS) spearheaded an extensive outage operation with a variety of tasks including IC&E leadership for a M501G double major and associated generators, installation of EOST, redlining of the PEECC schematics to update as-built drawings, and a total overhaul of the electrical conduit due to its poor condition.

Instrumentation was thoroughly analyzed and tested, with a considerable number of instruments being replaced. Additionally, the replacement of several combustor pressure and flow measurement (CPFM) devices was conducted. Seismic testing for Bently vibration probes and key phasor and speed probes was conducted using GTS's in-house test equipment known as a wobulator.

The scope also extended to a detailed inspection of the turbines, including roof I&C de/re-term, inlet TC's and pressure transmitters de/re-term & disconnects/reconnects, combustor CPFM & accelerometer de/re-term, flame scanner de/re-term, igniter de/re-term, and coupling speed/indexing probes.

The operation also included work on the generators, such as de/re-term of brush rigging, bearing drain de/re-terms, and de/re-term of other end-bell instrumentation & associated tubing as required for removal.

Auxiliaries for both units were serviced with tasks such as roof I&C de/re-term in lube oil buildings, power disconnects/reconnects, and collaborative work with Georgia Power on bump tests following the reconnect of 3-phase power.

Moreover, the FME division of GTS provided Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) monitoring for both GTs and GTGs, demonstrating the wide-ranging capabilities of GTS and its commitment to ensuring safety and operational efficiency.

Brunswick County Power Station

Freeman, Virginia Spring 2023 Mitsubishi Power • Dominion Energy

At the Brunswick County Power Station, Gulf Turbine Services (GTS) played a pivotal role as the Instrumentation, Control & Electrical (IC&E) lead for a significant maintenance project. This was centered around a major inspection of the TC4F steam turbine and generator. The breadth of tasks in the project displayed the versatility and proficiency of GTS's IC&E capabilities. The team meticulously worked on fire suppression systems, ensuring their functionality for safety purposes.

Detailed inspection and maintenance work was conducted on various valve systems including Reheat Stop Valves (RSVs), Intercept Control Valves (ICVs), Main Stop Valves (MSVs), and Main Control Valves (MCVs). Valve solenoids, servos, LVDTs, and limit switches all underwent a rigorous process of disassembly, examination, and reassembly. In addition to this, GTS technicians took responsibility for testing and analyzing bearing vibration sensors such as X- & Y- vibration probes, key phasors, velomitors, and speed proximitors. Another crucial component of the project involved inspection and servicing thermocouples and RTDs, with special attention given to bearing metal thermocouples, bearing drain oil thermocouples, and shell thermocouples.

In a demonstration of GTS's multidisciplinary capacity, the company's Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) division was brought in for the project. The involvement of the FME division added an extra layer of operational safety and reliability to the project, proving GTS's ability to provide comprehensive service offerings. Overall, this project underscored GTS's proficiency in handling intricate inspection and maintenance operations, ultimately contributing to the optimal performance of the power station.

Lordstown Energy Center

Warren, Ohio Spring 2023 Siemens Energy CAM Industrial Solutions IEM Energy Consultants

At Lordstown Energy Center, Gulf Turbine Services (GTS) provided instrumental support to the plant's Instrumentation, Control, and Electrical (IC&E) team during a major inspection. This engagement marked GTS's first outage with Siemens, one of the world's leading power technology manufacturers. We had the privilege of working on some of Siemens' most prominent units, including two SGT6-8000H gas turbines, an SST6-5000 steam turbine, and two air-cooled SGen6-1200A generators.

The GTS team worked closely with Lordstown's own IC&E technicians, spanning operations from the gas turbines to the steam turbine and beyond. Our core mission was to provide expert, reliable service without the need for close supervision, exceeding the plant's expectations based on past contractor experiences.

For the steam turbine, GTS was responsible for the removal, inspection, reinstallation, and commissioning of the front standard (including Bearing #1 & Thrust Bearing), Bearings #2 - #5, crossover, valves, fire suppression system, LP Hood, and generator.

On gas turbine GT12, GTS worked on six different valves, aiding in their modification and upgrade. The modification significantly improved the maintenance process by introducing a quick, cannon plug connection, eliminating potential wiring errors. Further enhancements included replacing the conventional tubing with metal-braided hoses.

In addition to these, we addressed issues with broken flexes, handled thermocouples, and managed tubing replacements for the upper half casing of the turbine.

Similar to the scope on GT12, the GTS team performed duties on GT11, further showcasing our proficiency in handling complex IC&E requirements and making an essential impact on the inspection and maintenance process.

This project at Lordstown Energy Center epitomizes GTS's ability to integrate smoothly into established teams, adapt to new systems, and exceed expectations in the execution of IC&E duties. It also marked a successful initiation of our relationship with Siemens, a key industry player, significantly enhancing our service portfolio.

Plant McDonough

Smyrna, Georgia Spring 2023 Toshiba America Energy Systems • Georgia Power

At Plant McDonough, GTS collaborated for the first time with Toshiba America Energy Systems to service their steam turbine and generator. This endeavor involved the careful removal and storage of instrumentation and electrical components from the Toshiba steam turbine housing and its adjacent areas. After the steam turbine was reassembled and the housing re-mounted, the team was responsible for reinstalling the instruments and electrical components.

Tasks included the disassembly (including all tagging for reassembly preparation), reassembly, and checkout/return to service of the instrumentation for the 375 MW steam turbine. The work involved systems such as bearings, the thrust bearing, the front standard, shell thermocouples (TCs), motors, valves, and the fire suppression system.

GTS was also tasked with the disconnect and reconnect operations for the steam turbine exciter house. The customer's work scope involved the de-termination, re-termination, removal & installation of conduits, and commissioning of instruments associated with the exciter doghouse. This added layer of responsibility further exemplified GTS's comprehensive service capability in the energy sector.

Citrus County Combined Cycle

Crystal River, Florida Spring 2023 Duke Energy Mitsubishi Power

Gulf Turbine Services performed a unique project involving the installation of cable trays around turbine casing for combustor pressure fluctuation monitors (CPFM). The installation, which took place on four Mitsubishi M501GAC gas turbines, offered a host of benefits, including easy mounting and dismounting, neat cable arrangement, heat damage mitigation, and enhanced visibility and protection for CPFMs and Accelerometers. 

By the end of the project, we had successfully installed a new cable tray system that was not only functional and practical but also improved the safety and accessibility of the turbine systems. This comprehensive, solution-focused approach has considerably increased the plant's operational efficiency and reliability. 

New Covert Generating Facility

Covert, Michigan Fall 2022 & Spring 2023 Mitsubishi Power

Gulf Turbine Services took the lead as IC&E for a special project involving the installation of an Emergency Overspeed Trip (EOST) upgrade on three Mitsubishi 501G combustion turbines. The upgrade involved the intricate process of conduit and cable installation, modifications of existing conduit, terminations, instrument tubing install, commissioning, loop checks, among other tasks.

The completion of this project significantly enhanced the safety and operational reliability of the New Covert Generating Facility, reflecting Gulf Turbine Services' commitment to providing efficient, high-quality turbine services. 

Mustang Station

Denver City, Texas Fall 2022 & Spring 2023 NRG Energy Golden Spread Electric Cooperative • FieldCore • IEM Energy Consultants

Gulf Turbine Services was selected as the IC&E lead for a double major inspection carried out in fall of 2022 at NRG Energy's Mustang Station, home to two GE 7FA combustion turbine generators. Demonstrating our expertise and commitment, we successfully completed the inspection within the planned schedule, while ensuring adherence to all safety and operational standards. 

Following this, in spring 2023, we embarked on an extensive BOP (Balance of Plant) calibration project at the same facility. Our comprehensive calibration services, tailored to meet site-specific requirements, regulatory standards, and to ensure optimal performance, encompassed an array of devices. This included pressure, flow and differential transmitters, thermocouples, vibration instruments, and many more. These targeted efforts have significantly improved the plant's operational efficiency and reliability. 

Brunswick County Power Station

Freeman, Virginia Spring 2023 Mitsubishi Power • Dominion Energy

At Brunswick County Power Station, GTS conducted a Turbine Inspection (TI) on an M501GAC unit, exemplifying their expertise in detailed inspection and maintenance procedures. In addition, the team performed a re-tubing operation for five Differential Pressure (DP) transmitters, responding to the client's dissatisfaction with the original tubing runs. This underscores GTS's commitment to customer satisfaction and their ability to adapt to meet specific project needs. Moreover, the Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) division of GTS was enlisted to monitor and ensure operational safety during the gas turbine inspection, further highlighting the diverse capabilities that GTS brings to the table in power plant operations.  

Jackson Generation Power Station

Elwood, Illinois   Spring 2023 Mitsubishi Power

At the Jackson Power Station, Gulf Turbine Services (GTS) was instrumental in performing a Turbine Inspection (TI) on an M501JAC unit. This project held a special significance as these JAC2 units were the first of their kind to be installed in the United States. GTS's expertise played a pivotal role in this pioneering endeavor.

GTS technicians worked closely with the plant's Instrumentation, Control & Electrical (IC&E) personnel, contributing their knowledge and skills to ensure the smooth execution of the project. They also performed several Balance of Plant (BOP) tasks, which included the installation of heat trace systems to prevent freezing during harsh weather conditions.

Additionally, GTS was responsible for the installation of valve positioners and limit switches, essential components that optimize valve operation and safety. This array of services offered by GTS underscores their comprehensive capabilities and dedication to maintaining the highest standards in the power industry.

Greensville County Power Station

Emporia, Virginia Spring 2023 Mitsubishi Power • Dominion Energy

At Greensville County Power Station, Gulf Turbine Services (GTS) took the role of Instrumentation, Control, and Electrical (IC&E) lead for an extensive double turbine inspection (TI), a vital four-week maintenance operation.

The TI phase involved the intricate process of removing the upper turbine casing. This task necessitated the careful removal of all associated instruments such as blade path thermocouples, casing metal temperatures, disc cavity thermocouples, as well as CPFMs and accelerometers. This comprehensive examination allowed us to delve into the heart of the turbine, providing a thorough check and assessment of its functional components.

In addition to the meticulous disassembly and inspection of the turbine, the GTS team undertook the delicate task of detaching and installing new servos on the fuel gas valves and the Inlet Guide Vane (IGV) actuator. These intricate tasks allowed us to ensure the optimum operation of these key turbine components, contributing to the overall performance and efficiency of the power station's turbines.

Also, the Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) monitoring, a critical safety and operational procedure, was carried out by the FME division of Gulf Turbine Services (GTS). This involvement exemplifies the company's multidisciplinary expertise and comprehensive service offerings. 

This project underscores GTS's proficiency in managing complex maintenance tasks and our commitment to ensuring the high standards of turbine operations, underlining our expertise and competence as a leading IC&E service provider in the industry.